3 Reasons Why Nitish Kumar leaving INDIA and joining NDA

Reasons why Nitish Kumar leaving INDIA to join NDA In Bihar

Nitish Kumar was dissatisfied with the Congress party’s handling of various aspects related to the INDIA bloc, encompassing seat-sharing, strategy formulation, campaign planning, and the development of a common minimum program.

Nitish, who is credited for uniting different opposition parties on a common platform in 2023 to challenge the BJP, publicly blames the Congress for delaying discussions by three months, attributing it to the party’s involvement in state elections in five states.

There are reports of a rift between Nitish and Lalu Yadav, with Lallan Singh, a JD(U) leader, allegedly visiting Lalu Yadav’s family with 12 MLAs in a rumoured conspiracy to overthrow the Nitish kuamr. This led to Lallan Singh’s resignation and Nitish’s reinstatement as the party’s top leader, causing rift in Nitish’s relationship with Lalu, who may have sought to install Tejashwi as Chief Minister without Nitish’s knowledge.

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In a meeting of the INDIA bloc on January 13 2024, despite most parties supporting Nitish as Convenor, Rahul Gandhi reportedly intervened, citing Mamata Banerjee’s absence and her concerns about Nitish’s appointment to the post.

Nitish Kumar, had three important reasons in mind to aspire to be the Convenor of the INDIA bloc. He wanted to become the Prime Minister, JD(U) retains its Lok Sabha seats from the 2019 election, and Nitish remain Chief Minister of Bihar.

The Congress party’s electoral setbacks raised doubts about its ability to counter the BJP in crucial contests. Nitish’s decision to align with the BJP may have been impacted by the grand inauguration of the Ram Mandir and the favorable environment created for the BJP, prompting him to anticipate a BJP repeat of the 2019 performance.

With the JD(U) winning 16 of the 17 seats allotted to it in 2019 by allying with the BJP, Nitish may have thought about risk of losing these seats in the face of the Ram Mandir fervor. The probable breakdown in seat-sharing negotiations with the RJD, which sought candidature in seats where it was the runner-up in 2019, pushed Nitish towards a more natural alliance with the BJP.

3 Reasons Why Nitish Kumar leaving INDIA

The historical trend of strong vote transfers and minimal leakages between the two parties made the alliance appear more viable to some leaders on both sides.

So, the three reasons for Nitish Kumar to leave india bloc is ensure that JDU wins enough seats in lok sabha 2024, Nitish Kumar remains CM of bihar despite losses in lok sabha if any, JDU increases his MLA tally in Bihar.