Is Zombie Virus from the Arctic coming for Humans?

Is Melting Ice in the Arctic a Threat to Humans against the Zombie Virus?

A few years ago it was a fictional story about a Zombie virus outbreak scenario. As we see in many movies the details of the scenario would largely depend on the specific characteristics of the virus, the behavior of the infected individuals, and the response of authorities and survivors. But it is hard to think that can it be the stories come true. As in the recent NEWS Scientists have warned about the Ancient Viruses that are frozen in the Arctic which may be responsible for major disease outbreaks.

A computer-enhanced image of a Pithovirus sibericum isolated from a 30,000-year-old sample of permafrost in 2014. Photograph: Jean-Michel Claverie/IGS/CNRS-AM

Scientists have found Methuselah microbes also known as “zombie viruses,” have been isolated. Few researchers fear that a new global emergency may arise of a disease from the distant past. The melting Arctic permafrost may release the virus, which will trigger a deadly global pandemic. Scientists are planning to monitor a network in the Arctic to prevent early from causing the disaster.

Few Benefits that can slow the process of spreading Zombie Viruses. As the Climate Conditions where the temperate is cold and the melting process is slow, it may prolong the threat. The isolation and the remote location are another advantages to keep the population minimum to alive for Human begins.

Surviving in such a remote location in the Arctic where the resources are limited makes it more difficult. The challenge is more because the Zombie Virus affects animals as well. Various International organizations and governments of various countries have to work co-ordinately to find the cure for any such outbreak.