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50 Best Hair Related Business ideas & Opportunities for 2022

Do you want to start a hair business but you want to go niche and be unique? If YES, here are best hair related business ideas & opportunities for 2022.

The hair industry is indeed one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Over the past two decades, there have been massive changes in the hairstyles people wear, the products they use, and where these products are sourced.

In today’s culture, healthy hair is the one thing that portrays the fact that someone is youthful and this factor strongly influences purchasing decisions among consumers. This is perhaps why hair extensions of all types are sold every day to thousands of everyday women and celebrities.

The hair care market is comprised of thousands of products such as shampoo, conditioners, serums, colorants, sprays, etc., which are composed of both natural and synthetic ingredients in order to maintain healthy, lustrous and well-groomed hair.

Over the past few years, herbal hair care products have been enjoying increased popularity because of consumers’ heightened awareness about the ill effects of harsh chemicals and substances, thus opening up another segment in the hair industry that entrepreneurs gladly latched onto.

With statistics in the hair industry looking up, and with the future looking very bright, now is the time to be part of this industry. If you had been hitherto thinking of how to approach this industry, and what business to start, here are some very profitable hair related businesses that would help you carve a niche in the industry.
Best Hair collection Business ideas & Opportunities for 2022

  • Start a hair vlog
    Similar to starting a hair blog is starting a hair vlog, the only difference is that instead of writing, you get to produce short clip videos that you post on your blog or YouTube channel. A vlog is actually very beneficial for hair and such related products, because your viewers get to see the products, how you use or apply them and their aftereffects. This is especially true if you want to teach them hair styling techniques. You really need to share both the good and bad side of the products with your viewers if you really want to gain their trust.

  • Production of hair care products
    Hair care products are those products that help to control the properties and behavior of the hair so that it can be maintained in a controlled and desirable manner. These products can include hair conditioners, hair sprays, hair straighteners and relaxers, permanent waves, shampoos, rinses, tonics and dressings.
    Hair products are the first and most important step to achieving a desired look or hairstyle, and they can be produced for both people with kink and straight hair. You just have to choose your niche, or you can do either. Because hair care products are used on a daily basis, there is usually a good market for it.

  • Production of hair wigs and weaves
    A hair weave is a human or artificial hair that is utilized for integration with one’s natural hair. Weaves and wigs can alter one’s appearance for long or short periods of time by adding further hair to one’s natural hair or by covering the natural hair all together with human or synthetic hairpieces.
    Women always have this desire to look different and that informs the popularity of weaves and wigs. It is even estimated that Africans use more wigs and weaves than every other continent, maybe because of their short kinks. Wigs and weaves have a very big and thriving market now and you can start producing these products if you have the capacity. To gain more market, you can target your products for export.

  • Become a middle man for natural/human hair extensions
    Natural/human hair extensions are the rave now. Women have discovered that synthetic hair goes bad very quickly and they are limited in styling. This is why human hair extensions have been embraced aggressively. Their allure goes beyond the fact that they stay years in active usage, but that the person who wears it gets to have some bragging rights.
    Africans are usually the highest consumers of human hair extensions, and they buy them regardless of the price. The hairs usually come from Asian countries where some people are known to give up their hair either for a price or for religious reasons.

  • Once these hairs have been gathered together, there are sorted and processed, ready for export. This is where the middleman now comes in. Most African entrepreneurs in the human hair business feature at this level.
    These middlemen and entrepreneurs often travel to China and india to buy human hair and import them back to the various African countries. The biggest human hair importers are Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Congo, Angola and East Africa. And most of the cargo is imported to Africa by air and sea. This business is very legal and viable and you too can also start it.

  • Open an online hair extension shop
    The fact that hair extensions are good business is no disputable. If you have where you can get steady and reliable stock, but you do not have money for a brick and mortar stall, then you can comfortably start an online shop. The key to profit in this business is publicity. You should endavour to make use of your social media handles as well as your offline connections. If you get steady customers, then your business has come to stay.

  • Hair products affiliate marketing
    This is excellent home-based online hair business one can start. This business can be done as a side business and as full time also. Creating your own blog, reviewing the products and selling the products from there through an affiliate program is a relaxed way to generate income. The most interesting part of this business is that you can sell enormous types of products without having any inventory.

  • Hair product marketing consultant
    A hair marketing consultant is a very skilled professional who understands hair product analysis, what motivates consumers and how to put strategies in place to improve business. A hair product marketing consultant works with hair product manufacturers to create and implement marketing strategies. If you are very versatile with the hair product market, you can decide to be a hair product consultant to help manufacturers sell their products.

  • Review human hair
    It is a fact that a lot of human hair in the market now are not gotten from human beings but from goats and other animals, but marketers still rip people off by calling them authentic human hair. If you can differentiate between human and animal or synthetic hair, you can start giving a review of the various human hair brands in the market to ensure that your fans get to buy the original ones. You also teach them how to style these hairs, preserve it and make the most out of it. You would soon enough get brands who would want to you to review and promote their human hair products.

  • Give wig making tutorials
    Hair wigs are expensive, especially the good quality ones. If you are an expert at making wigs, you can start a blog or open a youtube channel where you get to teach people how to make their own wigs. You can also teach them how to wash, oil, comb and preserve the wigs for long usage.

  • Start a hair recycling business
    Yes, it is possible to recycle hair. Hair recycling is perhaps the newest addition to recycling. Recycled hair is turned into a special product that soaks up oil spills in the ocean while the best bits are turned into wigs or weaves. You can start a hair recycling business by going to salons and collecting hair after the working day. Some hair recyclers claim that they collect bags of hair each day. Hair recycling would help to keep hair away from garbage dumps and sites while turning them into sustainable products.

  • Start a hair braiding business

Another business that has to do with hair is the hair braiding business. If you are skilled at braiding, you can start a hair braiding business where you braid peoples hair for a fee. To be successful in this business, ensure you can handle both kinky and straight hair.

You also have to be able to twist hair into various styles and designs and ensure you stay up to date with local trends in the market. Ensure you get registered with the local authorities so that your business doesn’t get interrupted. You may have to position your business where there is an abundance of the African population as this set of people would be your faithful clients.

  • Make and sell baby hair extensions
    The world is a dynamic place this is filled with different kinds of people. It is a fact that some mothers wish that their baby girls were less bald. They usually go to the extent of getting baby wigs for their babies. If you want to make a business out of this niche, you can start making and selling hair replacements and wigs that are suitable for baby girls. You must ensure that your wigs and hair replacements are of the highest quality so that it can be suitable for baby’s tender skin.

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