Dr Mohan Yadav Biography: Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Birthplace, age, wife, children

Who is Dr.Mohan Yadav?

Dr. Mohan Yadav, born on March 25, 1965, in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, is poised to become the 19th Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, representing the BJP. His political trajectory, commencing with student politics, has propelled him into a prominent figure in Madhya Pradesh’s political landscape.

Dr Mohan Yadav Biography

Serving as a Member of the Legislative Assembly from the Ujjain South constituency since 2013, Yadav has been a steadfast representative. Born to Poonam Chand Yadav and Lilabai Yadav, he tied the knot with Seema Yadav, and together they have two sons named Vaibhav and Abhimanu and a daughter named Akansha. Acknowledged for his role as an OBC (Other Backward Classes) leader within the BJP, Yadav, initially a BJP MLA, has evolved into a significant proponent of Hindutva in Madhya Pradesh.

Dr.Mohan Yadav’s family background:

Mohan Yadav, a three-time MLA, holds a prominent political position, with his elder sister Kalavati Yadav serving as the Chairperson of the Ujjain Municipal Corporation. Originating from a background of small-scale farming, Yadav’s father ran a modest tea and snacks shop in the Malipura area. But with hard work and dedication, he prioritized education for his children. Yadav’s one son is pursuing law and another opting for a medical career. His daughter is also a doctor. 

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Dr. Mohan Yadav’s educational qualifications:

Speaking of Mohan Yadav’s academic background, he holds a Ph.D, an MBA, and an LLB, he pursued his studies at Vikram University.

Yadav initiated his political journey as a member of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. In 2013, he ventured into electoral politics by contesting from the Ujjain Dakshin constituency, securing re-election in the 2018 Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections as the MLA for Ujjain Dakshin. Notably, he served as the Education Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

Taking the oath as a cabinet minister on July 2, 2020, in the Madhya Pradesh Government led by Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Yadav further solidified his political stature. In a significant development on December 11, 2023, during the BJP Legislative members meet, he was officially announced as the forthcoming Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

Dr. Mohan Yadav, who commenced his foray into politics during his student days at Madhav Science College, has steadily risen through the party ranks. His impactful role includes serving as the co-secretary of Madhav Science College Students’ Union in 1982 and later as the President in 1984.

Dr. Mohan Yadav has an interest in sports: 

Mohan Yadav, the newly appointed Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, has a notable interest in sports. He is the State Wrestling Association chief and holds the position of State Olympic Association vice-president. In addition to his political career, Yadav is skilled in stick and sword fighting, showcasing his passion for physical activities and martial arts.

since 2008, he has been the district president of Bharat Scouts and Guides. In 2011-2013, he was appointed the chairman of the Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation with the rank of a cabinet minister.

Dr. Mohan Yadav’s notable works as the higher education minister 

Dr. Mohan Yadav, known for his influential Hindutva perspective, took a significant step during his tenure as the Higher Education Minister. In September 2021, he introduced Ramcharitmanas as a fresh elective for undergraduate students studying philosophy.

This initiative aimed to impart knowledge on the ‘miraculous engineering of Ram Setu’ and the principles of Ram Rajya. The inclusion of these topics sought to instill essential values and foster balanced leadership skills among the younger generation.

In line with his vision for holistic development, Dr. Yadav emphasized the integration of “Ramcharitmanas, Yoga, and Meditation” into college curricula. This strategic move is designed to contribute to the comprehensive growth of students, promoting physical well-being, spiritual awareness, and a balanced approach to leadership.

Dr. Mohan Yadava’s net worth:

According to Dr. Mohan Yadav’s affidavit filed with the Election Commission of India, he is considered one of the affluent BJP politicians in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Dr. Mohan Yadav declared Net worth amounts to approximately Rs 42 crores. Notably, he has huge investments in the stock market, holding company shares and bonds valued at Rs 6,42,71,317, jointly with his wife Seema Yadav.

In addition to his financial portfolio, Dr. Yadav possesses insurance policies totaling Rs 11 lakh, registered in both his and his wife’s names. Furthermore, he owns substantial assets, including agricultural land valued at Rs 15 crore, a flat, gold, and cars.

Yadav announced, “The oath ceremony is scheduled for the day after tomorrow, on the 13th of December. The state’s program is pending release and will be disclosed shortly.” Mohan Yadav’s family expressed immense joy and gratitude, attributing his success to the divine blessings of Bhagwan Mahakal (Lord Shiva).

Dr. Mohan Yadava’s net worth

The family, overwhelmed with happiness, received the news of Yadav’s chief ministerial appointment with gratitude. Poonam Chand Yadav, Mohan Yadav’s father, remarked, “I never anticipated my son becoming the chief minister, but it is the benevolence of Mata and Baba Mahakal”.

The sister of Madhya Pradesh’s Chief Minister-designate, Mohan Yadav, shared, “Our happiness has no bounds. Although his name was in circulation, we were uncertain. God has rewarded him for his hard work.”

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In the recent election, Mohan Yadav secured victory in the Ujjain South constituency, retaining his position as a three-time MLA. He defeated his Congress rival, Chetan Premnarayan Yadav, by a margin of nearly 13,000 votes. With previous experience as the education minister in the Shivraj Chouhan government, Mohan Yadav has served as an MLA since 2013, winning thrice from the Ujjain South constituency.