Best gifts ideas for diwali

Diwali is celebrated in India with great enthusiasm every year. It is known for lights. Diyas, firecrackers,Lakshmi Puja, .Exchanging gifts are also one of the essential features of vibrant Diwali. People share sweets, dry fruits or other gift item during Diwali as token of love,care,affection. It is a festival of togetherness and prosperity according to Hindu traditions.

Useful Diwali Gifts in 2021

Since sharing gifts is a common activity, businessmen and corporate companies distribute gifts on this day to their employees and among themselves. At home, sweets and handmade snacks are shared with neighbours. Traders, shop owners share gifts with their peers in their industry or field.. corporate houses gift their employees’ Diwali gifts with items,perks,bonuses etc.

Top 10 items for best diwali gifts for employees

Traditional or Trendy diwali gifts for 2020 ?

Gift list is unending considering the number of options individuals have these days. It could range from A box of sweets, a hamper of assorted chocolates, dry fruits to electronics, kitchenware, crockery, money envelopes, fabrics, etc.. Traditional gifts like diyas, lanterns, etc are also shared and gifted to the loved ones.

Be Creative To Make An Impression!

Gone are the days when people send only traditional gifts. With the new generation changing trends, considerable change in gifting styles over the last few years has taken place. Few trending suggestions are hampers, lamps, crockery and many more

Top 10 Diwali Gift Ideas for 2020: Top Options for diwali gifts for family

Lampshade Candle

Lampshade candles look great in any corner of the house. It is an ideal décor item and compliments any ambient setting. Gift beautiful Lampshade Candle to your loved ones this Diwali, and elevate their energy of their homes.

i saw Few of such lampshades option on amazon.

 Strawberry Scented Lampshade Candle Collection

 Fruit Splash Scented Lampshade Candle Collection

 Driftwood Scented

The lampshade is bold and complex driftwood scent, leaving a beachy vibe and pleasant smell of fresh cotton. This lampshade is available at Ekam Online for Rs.495.

Humidifier and Aroma Diffuser

Getting the right level of humidity is very important in our homes – too dry a air in the house can cause infections, eye irritation and fatigue.

growing pollution has led to people concerned about, the air quality .This humidifier helps you to reduce the room pollution of your house. This Diwali gift your loved one a humidifier that will improve the air of their house. This model is a combination of humidifier and diffuser – so it can not only improve the air but also make it more plesant! Available on Amazon India, this comes with 4 different misting modes, 7 kinds of mood lights and features ultrasonic vapour technology so it is soundless and without heat.

Click here to check on amazon

Silver plated pooja thali set

A pooja thali is an essential in every Hindu household and is a very apt traditional gift on Diwali.

It normally contains silver-plated combination gift set comprising a pooja thali ,chandan vati, kankavati,a drinking glass , spoon ,divi, katori, and an agarbati stand.The items are packed in a designer corrugated box so this can even be shipped conveniently.

one of such items on high pouplarity is GoldGift Ideas Silver-Plated Sarovar Pooja Thali Set (Silver_11.8 Inch X 11.8 Inch X 1.9 Inch)

Package Contains – 12 Items, Product Detail Dimension – Plate (30 CM), Chandan Vati(5 CM), Chandan Vati (5 CM), Chandan Vati (5 CM), Chandan Vati (5 CM), Kankavati (5 Cm), Loti (6 * 6), Glass (6 CM), Spoon (12.5 CM), Divi (3.5 CM), Takori (8 CM), Agarbati Stand (5 CM)

Click here for Price on Amazon

Diwali gift hampers

Tray set

Crystalware Serving Tray Set, Stainless Steel Materiel with Golden Design and Handle,

This is best suited for gifting and comes with these specifications.

Size:large tray: length 39cm, width: 29cm, medium tray: length: 32cm, width: 23cm and small tray: length: 26cm, width: 19cm

1 Large Tray x 1 Medium Tray x 1 Small Tray .It gives a very elegant look at dining table.

Check at here

Handcrafted Ceramic and Glass Luxury Bowl Set

Suave décor adds a certain charm. This unique bowl set made of rich acacia wood with pretty handpainted flowers is the perfect to gift your boss or your business partner, the bowl set looks a class apart. One of the prodcut which stood out during my search was a Pure Brass Embossed Luxury Dinner Set,

Click here to know about price and details.

It has a Set of7 Pieces- 1 thali, 4 Bowl,1 Glass, 1 Spoon

Lord Ganesha Candle Holder

Candles and diyas are what glows diwali.. Gift your loved ones with elegant candle holders they can use around their house. Take a look at this cute gold-toned and black candle holder that can old one candle. this is a perfect gift on the festival of lights.

This piece i saw on amazon looked great . It is Handmade Brass Diya ,made of Aluminium Metal with gold finish. Will catch your attention in the first go .

Please check here

Silver bowl set

This item has an antique elegant design that can be used for the decoration of restaurants, bars.
product can really be appeciated for its craftmanship. Please click here to have detailed look.

Indian Craft Villa Silver Plated Brass Bowl Set with Tray

Pistily Brass Photo Frame

Featuring a minimalistic design, this photo frame is simple yet sophisticated. The sleek frame has two panes held together by a metal setting that features a brass finish. some specifications are here .Size(5×7 inches)

Check here for more details

Flavored Chocolates in Golden Pouch with Ribbon

A hamper of chocolates is a good option to sweeten the occasion and will surely be well received by all. If you are looking for a gift to a family and there are children, then you should look no further! This is a combination of 5 pieces of paan-flavoured chocolates and 5 pieces of pani puri-flavoured chocolates. Sounds mouth watering, right? The chocolates are packed in a triangular golden pouch which is tied neatly with a black ribbon. These exclusive chocolates from La Reine bakery costs Rs.350. The hamper is available on and you can ship it directly to your recipient.
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Diwali gift wrap

Gifting has become a paramount aspect during festivals and so is the packing of the gifts. There are many decorative gift boxes with great patterned and personalized ribbons available online at different portals.. Adding such accessories to your gift will not only add charm to it but also add a personalised, thoughtful touch to it. Coloured ribbons on plain papers and boxes, and small-personalised notes attached to the gifts, or fresh flowers on top of the gift box or packing are great way to give personal touch during diwali.. So, this Diwali, focus on dressing up your gifts as well along with dressing up yourself !

Avoid Giving These Gifts During Diwali

There are few gifts that are best avoided on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Gifts such as idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha not be gifted during diwali as it is believed in hindus that it is inauspicious to giving signs of wealth and happiness to others .

No metal items like jewellery or anything made up of steel or iron should be exchanged as gifts. Few individuals also get colour conscious during gifting and avoid gifting any product or item black in colour.

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