Top 10 places to visit near Bangalore during weekends

Top Visiting Places to visit near Bangalore during Weeekend

After working on a desk for long hours week after week, many of us want to just take a small break from our work life and enjoy or spend some quality time with our loved ones. Are you one of us? If so, then we have gathered a perfect list of places for you to go in your weekend getaway trips, if you live in or near Bangalore.

1 Pondicherry

On the top of the list we have one of the most trending destination from Bangalore Pondicherry, officially known as Puducherry is an ideal place for a two-day trip from bangalore.

Top 10 places to visit near Bangalore

Pondicherry has a lot to offer than you can think of, the streets of french colony also known as a white town are decorated with charming mustard yellow colors and bougainvillea plants it is a perfect place to be creative and get some amazing shots as you stroll along the french colony you will see dozens of cozy cafes and restaurant which serve delicious french food. If you are into spirituality then you can head to matrimandir in Auroville. Pondicherry has got some amazing beaches if you want some peaceful time away from the hustle and chaos of the city then head to serenity beach. If you want to enjoy evening walk along the shore then you can head to promenade beach also called as the rock beach if you want to get into the water then head to paradise beach.

If you are staying in bangalore then the best way to reach pondicherry is by train the train timings are synced for a perfect weekend getaway from bangalore

2 Coorg (Kodagu)

Second on the list we have Coorg or famously known as the ‘Scotland of India’ kuri is located in the western guards of Sayatri mountains just 250 kilometers from bangalore from waterfalls to mountain from adventurous trekking to temples and from coffee plantations to cordova food Coorg has everything to offer one can ask for.

Top 10 places to visit near Bangalore

Coorg has pleasant weather throughout the year although. as per recommendations the best time to visit cork is in winters and summers, but you can visit coorg in monsoon as well. There will be heavy rainfall during this time but if you love rain just like we do, then don’t hesitate to get drenched in coarse rain during monsoon there are endless number of places for sightseeing in  Coorg like Mandalpati talaka, very abhay falls, chiclevola reservoir, golden temple, dubar elephant camp, thirdendamol erupu falls, malali falls, harangi dam of the list is never ending.

All these places are so beautiful that you may want to extend your 2 day trip duration to 3 days.

3 Gokarna

We all know that plan to goa always fails so instead of making plans to goa make plans to gokarna, also known as the little goa but more beautiful in fact, many goa regulars have moved to Gokarna’s pristine beaches where the crowds are less and beaches are cleaner. In the last decade there has been a huge influx of tourists to Gokarna.

Top 10 places to visit near Bangalore

In fact, this trend has divided Gokarna into two parts, one for the religious devotees who come to seek blessings of shiva, and other of the carefree travelers looking for some peaceful time. Beaches in gokarna are one of the most beautiful and the cleanest beaches in india.The beaches like half moon beach and paradise beach are so secluded that you can only reach them on foot or by boat. We would recommend you to do beach hopping from one beach to another beach, where you will be able to cover gokana beach, home beach, kudle beach, paradise beach, and half moon beach. You can indulge in water sports activities or if you are feeling lazy then you can chill at any sacks on the beach. Enjoy sunset while having your favorite beer. Gokarna is not just about peaches for spiritual people, Mahabaleshwar temple is of the greatest importance. The temple is dedicated to lord shiva and has one of the most powerful atmalingam.

4 Ooty (Udagamangalam)

Next on the list we have udagamandalam or popularly known as Ooty, located in the western guards woody encapsulates lofty mountains, incredible lakes, dense forest, sprawling grasslands and endless stretch of tea plantations. The hill station itself is a land of mesmerizing places which explains why it is called as The queen of the illustrations.

Top 10 places to visit near Bangalore

Ooty is so popular among the tourists that you may feel it is over commercialized but that should not stop you from visiting Ooty because it has got one of the most amazing waves and climate, you just have to find an off beat time to visit it. We would highly recommend you to visit kunur which is comparatively less crowded yet more beautiful, you can walk through the tea plantations, understand the journey of tea making or just do a lazy boat ride in Ooty lake.

In short Ooty will never disappoint you with its beauty.

5 Chikmagalur

If you are not a tea person then let us take you to the land of coffee Chikmagalur. Apparently, baba pudangiri in Chikmagalur is the place where the first coffee in the country was grown back in 1670.

Top 10 places to visit near Bangalore

All thanks to Baba Bhudan who brought seven unroasted coffee seeds to Chikmagalur while returning from hajj.

Chikmagalur offers the best panoramic weave of the hills, the landscapes here are so beautiful that it looks similar to that iconic windows wallpaper we have seen for years. You can visit the highest peak of karnataka mulengiri or visit the majestic highway falls or take a trek to that point. The list of the places you can visit in Chikmagalur are endless.

6 Wayanad

Next on the list we have Wayanad, it is famous for its trekking trails, mesmerizing waterfalls, caves, bird watching sites and breathtaking views. You may also like the green paddy fields and tall coconut trees here. Walking alongside the endless stretch of paddy fields is most enjoyable.

You can visit a wide variety of places like kurwa island, radical caves, sentinel rock waterfalls, banana sagara dam, nilima v point and chambra peak. Apart from typical touristy thing, you can also visit tribal community who still rely on the forest for their daily food and other needs. There are many good resorts options at Wayanad who offer adventurous activities as well.

7 Sakleshpur

Now, we have the favorite place of trekkers sakleshpur. Sakhleshpur is a little town located in the  foothills of western guards it offers spellbound weaves that will take your breath away.

There are many resorts in Sakhleshpur which will make you feel close to the nature, these resorts are a perfect getaway for people who are seeking adventurous activity or just want to spend time with their friends and family.

Apart from Majirabat fort, there are no other viewpoints at sakhleshpur like the ones you find in places like ooty madikeri or Chikmagalur, but there are other activities that can keep you engaged. You can go for a short trek to the nearby hills, do adventurous activities in the resort, spot some beautiful birds or just chill out in the pool.

You can also visit places like beluru Halebidu and Chattahalli church on your way back to bangalore.

8 Udupi

If you are staying in bangalore then you would have seen those Udupi restaurants in almost every corner of the city, but if you want to know the roots of those authentic south indian food joints then you should visit Udupi. It is a coastal district in karnataka popular for shri krishna temple, beaches educational institutes, financial institutes and delicious food. Udupi is turning into a hot touristdestination lately.

There are many things you can do in Udupi, you can visit the Shri Krishna temple where you can see the lord through the window. Go for kayaking in mulkey, visit the most beautiful saint mary’s island or visit the cleanest beach in india pudupitri beach the list of places are endless.

9 Mysore

Mysore is one of the most popular tourist destination in the state of karnataka.With its rich cultural heritage and fascinating royal history.

Mysore was a prominent city of karnataka prior to bangalore. Mysore is one of the cleanest city in india.

Though, modernity has its influence on the other cities, Mysore has managed to retain its heritage which has made tourism to be one of the most striving industry in the city. The city maintains traditions, glorious palaces, amazing gardens and magnificent temples. Mysore palace is one of the most visited palaces in india.

Apart from mysore palace you can also visit chamund hills, filamentous cathedral brindavan gardens and mysore zoo, we can guarantee you that your time in mysore would be the most memorable one.

10 Yercaud

Popularly known as a poor man’s Ooty Yercaud is one of the budget-friendly hill station in india. Yercaud is located in tamilnadu state just 200 kilometers from bangalore. Yercaud gets its name from Yercaud lake and forest around the lake. In tamil Yer means lake and kadu means forest so both of these words together make Yercaud, which means lake forest. It is a great choice as a weekend getaway from Bangalore.

There are many places of attractions in Yercaud ranging from lakes to weep points to gardens to waterfalls you can visit Yercaud lake, deer park, botanical garden, killer falls, lady seat and pagoda point.

This was our list of top  places to visit for a two day trip from bangalore let us know which is your favorite, also let us know which place deserves to be on this list which we missed.