Nitish Kumar paves way for Nitish Kumar bY Resgining as Chief Minister.

Nitish Kumar: The grand father of Political Sommersaults

  Nitish Kumar is is going to do is the biggest question which everybody is lastly but looking at the scheme of things which is quite obvious that is going to resign in front of JDU MLS and is going to tender is resignation after that he will solve the Assembly beyond this development all though there happened huge show of tactics and strategies by the opposition block of India . but as things and now it is clear that it is Kumar is going to be the chief minister of the 9th time with the help of BJP .

only time will tell Nitish Kumar politics will he be remembered as paltu ram or he is going to remembered as the icon of development, good governance, changing Bihar for the good. As the reports are coming in Nitish Kumar and JDU and BJT have finalised the seat sharing agreement for the Lok Sabha which is due in the coming three months Nitish Kumar is expected to meet governor around 11:30 and give his resignation.

There are speculations that JDU chief may exact the 28 party opposition block and form of coalition with BJP. BJP and their MLA met in their Party office at Patna around 10:00 a.m. to formulate the strategy for the latest political developments in all likely Hood JP nadda the BJP President will be arriving by a charter flight at around 3:00 p.m. Nitish may hand over his resignation around 2:00 p.m. today