Jhony Bravo Quotes

Jhony Bravo Quotes

Hello,911 emergency, there is handsome guy in my house . Oh WAIT a second, cancel that,its only me

wanna feel my muscles ?only a dime a minute

Enough about me ,lets talk about me

johnny bravo pick up lines

Your name must be mickey, cause you are so fine

Hey baby, i can tell we both love the same thing …ME

Anybody ever tell you , I am pretty ?

i must be a snowflake, because i ahve fallen for you

i am pretty, you are pretty what do yo usay we go home and stare at each other ?

johnny bravo funny moments,
johnny bravo funny moments,

I got you a birthday present. Me

johnny bravo best lines

baby ,you are beach front property and i am the tidal wave of love

if loving me is wrong ,you dont wanna be right

well babby, what is it like looking at the man of your dreams ?

Johnny Bravo:johnny Bravo.
Johnny Bravo: Johnny Bravo

i am theif and i am here to steal your heart

johnny bravo sayings

your body is wonderland and i want to be Alice

oh mommma, i am so sweet that i have got a mouthful of caviities.

johnny bravo catchphrase

I do my best work when I’m being worshipped as a god.

I sweat a lot, but my breath is minty fresh.

I am investigating the disappearance of all the cats in the city… my living room is full of cats

Johnny Bravo:What do you think, Rubber Ducky?
Rubber Ducky:Quack, quack.
Johnny Bravo: My thoughts exactly!

johnny bravo pick up lines

Velma:My glasses! I can’t see without my glasses!
Johnny Bravo: My glasses! I can’t be seen without my glasses!

Bunny Bravo:Johnny, have you been taking good care of your teeth.
Johnny Bravo:Yes, Momma. I’ve been brushing every day with baking soda.