How to recharge your Reliance Jio number on WhatsApp

Recharging your Reliance Jio number is much easier with the introduction of a new WhatsApp bot. You can start the recharge of your Jio SIM by sending a ‘hi’ on WhatsApp. To start, you must first save the JioCare Contact ‘70007 70007’ on your phone and then ping ‘hi’.

When you send ‘hi’ to JioCare on WhatsApp, Jio will share a catalogue with its services that includes ‘Jio SIM Recharge’, ‘New Jio SIM/Port-in (MNP)’, ‘Support for Jio SIM’, Support for ‘Jio Fiber’, ‘Support for Intl Roaming’, and ‘Support for JioMart’. Once you select the ‘Jio SIM Recharge’ option, the bot will deliver a message with various recharge plans.

how to recharge your Reliance Jio no  on WhatsApp

You can choose to ‘View All Plans’ or you can ‘Recharge for Friend’. You can also purchase International Roaming Packs and raise Recharge Issues using this option. Once you select ‘View All Plans’ you will get the popular plans as images where you can view the benefits and cost of the plan. You also have an option to explore other plans.

Once you have chosen your plan by responding to the message, you will be redirected to the Jio website, where you can make a payment for the selected plan. Jio accepts payments via all digital methods including credit cards, debit cards, UPI and e-Wallets.
With the JioCare WhatsApp bot, you can manage all your Jio accounts in one place. You can check your balance, plan status and raise complaints using the bot.

The recharge services for Jio SIM and JioFiber are also available on the MyJio App.
The JioCare bot also has the option to check Covid vaccine-related information and locate nearby vaccination centres. The bot, by default, uses English for communication, but it gives an option to switch the preferred language to Hindi. It is currently available only in two languages.

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