How to Disable new Contact Join Notifications on signal ?

Remove Signal’s new Contact Join Notifications

Signal uses phone numbers as addresses you can reach people at. When a phone number in your contacts signs up for Signal, you’ll get a notification telling you they’re reachable on Signal. The name associated with that person comes from the contact information saved on your phone.

To hide these alerts, open the Signal app on your iPhone or Android phone. Tap your profile picture or username initials shown at the top-left corner of the Signal conversation list.

Tap “Notifications” on the Signal settings menu screen.

Under Events, tap the slider to the right of “Contact Joined Signal” to disable these contact-join notifications.

How to Remove Signal’s new Contact Join Notifications

That’s it—Signal won’t let you know when your friends, family members, coworkers, or other contacts join in the future. The Signal app will still know, of course. If you tap the “New Message” icon, you’ll see all your contacts who are on Signal, ready to be contacted.

Can You disable Signal From Telling People When You Join?

There’s no way from preventing Signal from informing people when you join. If someone has your phone number in their contacts, Signal will let them know that phone number has joined Signal. This has nothing to do with whether you allow Signal access to your own contacts.

The only way to prevent this is to use a secondary phone number. Signal is designed to work with phone numbers and to be an easy-to-use replacement for SMS, which is why it works this way.

If you want a chat service that doesn’t use phone numbers as identifiers—for example, if you would prefer usernames that don’t expose your phone number—Signal isn’t the app for you.

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