Best GOQii Fitness Band under 5000

GOQii Smart Watch Vital Fitness SpO2

Many customers are using GOQii for quiet some time and some upgraded to the Axis Active band ( The ‘Axis Active’ is a program in which Axis Bank Ltd is partner with Goqii Technologies Private Limited. It has 3 important features: Payments, Fitness & Rewards.)

Axis active program would provide Axis Bank customers a Goqii Fitness Band which would be enabled with Contactless Payment, powered by Axis Bank.

Most reviews confirm that It’s quite handy. Apart from keeping count of steps, it also tells me how many calories are burnt, how many miles someone has ran and it lets me redeem Axis eDGE reward points based on my step count. It also lets you make contactless payments via NFC if your account is linked to Axis.

GOQii Vital 4.0 Oximeter built-in continuous SpO2

axis active

The axis active band contains a chip & an antenna (based on radio frequency). When you tap or lower the band against a contactless enabled terminal, the details get transferred wirelessly from the band to the terminal & the payment gets processed in a secure manner.

The GoQii band has a responsive touch OLED display. The digits are pretty clear and not too bright. The interface is quite easy to understand. The first screen tells you the date & time.

A single tap on the display slides down the next screen where it shows the number of steps. The count is highly accurate and updates in real-time ninety percent of the time.

The third screen tells you the total time spent walking and the following two are estimates of the distance walked or ran, and the calories burned.

The final screen shows the accumulated Karma points (abbreviated as KR) with a yin-yang symbol below it. However, the reward points are a twist which will be mentioned in a later section.

A well-lit display and an easy-to-use interface. The glass appears to be impervious to scratches and shock-resistant. I can assure this because it has been to many places. Bonus points for GoQii!

Fitness Application

The app has to be synced with the band. A subscription is automatically active for six months on purchase of the GoQii band.

There are many experienced coaches you can choose from. They monitor daily progress and suggest changes to your lifestyle based on the data being collected. Data includes logs which users can input when they eat meals, snacks, or drink fluids.

There is a mini-social media platform in the app where different users can share their secret recipes, blogs and participate in other discussions within the community.

Remember the Karma points I mentioned earlier? There’s a simple formula which equates the number of steps to Karma points. 1KR = 390 steps.

Here’s what it does:

each of these points is equivalent to an unspecified amount of ruppees sponsored by third-party donors for charitable purposes. Different users pool together to donate their Karma points for charity causes.

There is another service which I did not avail called the GoQii Doctor and Health Locker. I remember taking a health assessment which is sort of a questionnaire and it shows a detailed report with a score of 100.

It lets you book a consultation with a qualified physician for therapy or medical help. Then, the doctor pairs up with your coach to determine the next steps you should take. This has to be easily the most useful feature out of the bunch.

The GoQii band shows SMS alerts & WhatsApp notifications after enabling the option in the app.

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The important feature about GOQii is its app as you get a real life coach who is there to guide and motivate you via the app. You can also log your meals, water, sleep and keep a track of your health goals. Do check out GOQii, the app is a lot of fun.

GOQii Smart Vital Fitness SpO2 Body Temperature And Blood Pressure Battery Tracker With 3 Months Personal Coaching (Black)
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GOQii Vital 3.0

Body Temperature USB Tracker with 3 months personal coaching

Goqii version 3 (Not one with heart rate tracker -they have mentioned that clearly on site). I received one yesterday.Version 2 look almost same like version 1. But USB is attached with device itself. So no need of separate chager. In addition to that you receive notification too

message displays watsapp for watsapp message, displays caller name during call, displays Maps for gmap notification. Also while buying through axis active,its really cheap. Just under 2000 with 6 month subscription and new device. So KIND OF A good deal.

GOQii Vital 3.0 Body Temperature USB Tracker with 3 months personal coaching(Black)

While through site there are different subscirption plans. .Also on completion of 70000 steps (Note: only on completion) for a week you will get 500 edge rewards.

Week start on Monday. So if you receive band on Friday then it will end on Sunday.New week start on Monday as per axis terms.It is good device for you . Don’t hesitate go for it.