Best tricks for signal app

Signal is seeing a huge subscription of users who are either new enquistive user or people switching from WhatsApp, as many users want to protest about WhatsApp’s new privacy policies, a reaction that also got a great boost when Tesla boss Elon Musk tweeted “Use Signal”. But if you’ve just started using the privacy-focused messaging application then there are quite a few features that you’ll want to know about.

Read on to know the best tips and tricks for Signal that will help make the most out of using the app.

How to Set up a screen lock on signal app

Signal has a Screen Lock function even when your phone is unlocked. you can access the signal app through a PIN, or use your phone’s biometric lock, in order to open the Signal app. So even if you share or give your phone to somoene else for any reason , the recipient of your phone wouldn’t be able to see your messages in signal app

To do this, go to Settings > Privacy > Toggle Screen Lock on.

Turn off Joined Signal notifications

As a lot of people are joining Signal right now, your phone will start giving you sound notifications if a lot of your contacts are newly joining signal app. The good news is that it’s easy to turn off these notifications, so you can just use the app, without getting bombarded by unnecessary messages.

To do this, go to Settings > Notifications > Toggle Contact Joined Signal off.

signal blurfaces screenshot signal

Signal lets you automatically blur faces on pictures you send.
Photo Credit: Screenshot/ Signal

how to Blur faces on photos in signal app

If your privacy is a concern , then you many not always want to send photos with people’s faces in them, without their consent. The solution is to manually edit the photos which can be lengtheir and time consuming. . Signal app has a solution for this process — the send photos option includes an automatic face blurring tool. You can also manually swipe out additional parts of the screen to blur — great if you need to send an ID document, for example.

To enable this, Tap the + sign > Tap on a picture to send > Tap on the Blur button (which looks like a circle with black and white tiles inside) > Toggle Blur faces. You can draw anywhere on-screen with your finger to blur additional information.

Set how many times an attachment can be seen in signal

Attachment limits is a different way of sending messages more privately. With this setting, you can send a picture or video that can only be seen one time, and once it’s closed, the attachment disappears. So, it can be viewed days or weeks after you sent it, but only the one time.

To do this, Tap the + sign > Tap on a picture to send > Tap on the Infinity icon in the bottom left corner. That’s all you need to do, and then you can send the attachment as usual.

To enable this, open a chat, then enter the menu by tapping on the person’s name > Toggle Disappearing Messages > Slide the timer to set how long the message will last.

Send a disappearing message in signal app

WhatsApp recently got disappearing messages, but Signal has had this feature for a long time. These are messages that have a time limit, and then get deleted, so that your conversations remain private.

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